Spring vibes 

Happy Saturday, Lovies! 
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No-jacket-weather in March is a very special gift in my corner of the world and it must be appreciated! My day was packed with chores (like this post if you hate adulting), but I managed to escape to the local park and take a few snaps for you:

 ✨outfit details below✨

Outfit details: 

H&M cardigan 

Zara top

American Eagle denim

Gold knit Ugg boots 


My Name Necklace

Swarovski broach 

Xoxo, Silvia Mèlange 

Честита събота, Любовчета! 

Март-без-яке е рядко явление в нашият край на света, така че трябва да бъде отбелязано подобаващо! Денят ми беше изпълнен с досадни малки задължения (харесайте този пост ако не искате да сте отговорни възрастни хора!), но все пак успях да се измъкна до близкия парк и да направя няколко снимки. Детайли от дрехите и бижутата 🔝
С обич, Силвия Меланж 

My month in Instagram posts *January*

Happy Thursday, Lovies!

I’ve been so busy at work, I’m not realizing I haven’t even posted on Instagram as much as I usually do!

I did manage to change my hair a little bit and visit an art gallery on a work related event. I can’t share much else at this time, but soon I will reveal what I’m really up to! And it’s good!

In other news, we are six to seven weeks away from Spring and I don’t know about you but I’m ready for this snow to be gone-zo!

As we enter “The month of Love” that’s all I wish for you- Love! Love yourself- that’s the most important Love before any other. Whether you are single or in a relationship, you have reasons to celebrate this month!

With all my Love, Silvia Mèlange

My month in Instagram posts *July*

Hello, lovies! 

Lately all I do is apologize for delaying posts, so I want to start off by thanking you for your patience and for the instalove I keep getting ❤️ Now to catch you up on my month!

July was amazing! It started off with a virtual reality test and a crazy night out and it ended with an epic trip across the country, blending into the peak of tourist season by the Black Sea. I celebrated the forth of July, then got right into work mode, sneaking shoefies (and getaways), while preparing for the epic trip I’m currently on. For live action and details, follow me on Instagram and snapchat (@SilviaMelange). 

Brace yourselves as August is going to be all about catching you up and sharing experiences from all the amazing places I am exploring as you are reading this post. I’ll have some extra travel tips and ideas for you and as per usual, fashion advice and inspiration for these long hours on the road. 

How was your month? Any vacation ideas or stories to share? Let me know below!! 

Last but not least; July was my first blogaversary! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I started sharing my life with the world! A lot has changed and all of it for the best, I’m happy to admit! Looking at old pictures, I can’t help but notice how much my personal style and art has developed and continues growing. You guys continue being my inspiration and motivation and I’d never be where I am today without all of you! 

May your August be as epic as mine! 

With all the Love in the world,  Silvia Mèlange 

My month in Instagram posts *June*

Hello, Lovies!

Welcome to your monthly Insta update! June was a very eventful month for me, so there’s a lot to catch you up on. 

I kicked off by celebrating my birthday. My s/o completely outdid himself this year! It all started in the morning when I found the gorgeous Zara dress I was eyeing a week prior, carefully placed on the freshly made bed, paired up with cute statement heels from Bershka. The day progressed with family time and more gifts, followed by a surprise party, attended by my dearest friends currently in the city❣I felt truly special and it was my best adult birthday so far!

The day after my birthday, I celebrated 5.5 year anniversary with my s/o which was another unforgettable evening! 

A week later I was surprised by a dear friend who flew from the U.S. to visit me. Highly recommend some girl time matched with fabulous outfits! 

This month I didn’t have to travel as much so I had the opportunity to cook more and invest some time into developing our YouTube channel, the link to which will be posted soon so stay tuned! 

The second part of the month was just as amazing. I got the oportunity to help and participate in Pride Bulgaria. Sadly, the LGBT community in Bulgaria still faces discrimination and challenges on daily bassis, so I believe it’s truly important to support events like Pride, regardless of your personal sexual preferences. Meeting the fabulous Elza Parini was just an added bonus! 

The following weekend I spent the day with my dad and spoiled him a little with Queen feat. Adam Lambert concert tickets for Father’s Day! 

I also got to experience virtual reality for a first time and that was quite surreal! 

Welcome to the month of pools, beaches, icy drinks and long warm nights! 

In July, I’ll be focusing on festival fashions and trends, the return of my weekly recipe section and the little things that make us smile! Follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (@SilviaMelange) for daily good vibes and updates.

Are you ready to have fun?! 

Xoxo, Silvia Mèlange

#100HappyDaysChallenge *my journey*

Good morning/day/night and Happy Monday, Lovies! 

Back in January, I caught myself feeling constantly on edge and snapping at people for, I gotta admit, no f#%ckin reason! I had an awesome time during the holidays and the chance be on a vacation as the clock was hitting 12 on January 1-st. Technically, my work year didn’t start until the 5-th, so I couldn’t figure out what my problem was. Work can be so stressful and adulting in general is hard! So after some meditation, I figured I need more happiness in my life. Particularly, I needed to focus more on the positive things I have going on. Then a post popped on my Instagram feed; a friend of mine shared a cute pic of her and her dog with the caption #100days, day whatever. Curious, I decided to check out what this was all about. That’s how I found the website http://www.100happydays.com 

Basically, some lovely people did the research and found out 71% of us humans literally do NOT have time to be happy! This was the saddest thing, I learned that day.. Until I looked in the mirror. Then it dawned on me- I was one of these humans! I had dark circles under my eyes, my whole reflection was looking at me all pissed off and I had continuously kept ignoring my dog’s attempts to stick her bone in my hand and play fetch. I looked at her for a second and I realized how cute she was, wagging her tail, smiling at me and nodding at the rubber bone, strategically placed in my feet. You try saying “no” to that face! 

“That’s it! That’s exactly what I need!”- I thought! A daily reminder of how blessed I am and a stimulant to seek happiness and inspiration everywhere! To take at least 5 minutes every day to focus on the smallest thing that brings light into my life! Some days were really rough, some days I couldn’t decide which thing to post! I’m proud to share with all of you, I completed the #100HappyDaysChallenge and it literally changed my life! 

After the first week it became a hobby of mine to look at the hashtag on Instagram and enjoy other people’s shares of daily dose of happy. I realized it made me happy, seeing other people’s happiness 🙂 

The concept of the challenge is very simple. Head over to their website (www.100happydays.com) and register. It helps spread the cause and they send you casual emails to see how your progress is going. The most awesome part, upon completing the challenge you can get a set of square prints with your entire journey! 

The point of the challenge is to do it for yourself and no one else! That rainy Tuesday when you had a long day at work gets remembered as that time your cat caught a fly ninja style, or your significant other came home with flowers for no reason <3. The uneventful Thursday night transforms into that time you came up with that epic new recipe that’s basically an orgasm in your mouth! The challenge helped me “reset” my mindset (see what I did there?) and look at things from a different angle.

 Daily life, things that happen, people we encounter all have an impact on us. But it’s truly our choice which vibe/emotion/thought to focus on! 

Life nowadays is so fast paced, it’s scary how easily we can forget that! The #100HappyDays helped me shift my focus to the positive. This whole process helped me remember to chose, even demand happiness out of life, it sparked my creativity and actually makes me feel more energized! I’d like to take a second to say a huge Thank You to the entire team of 100happydays.com for the inspiration and happiness they helped me appreciate better! I highly recommend this wonderful initiative to all my friends and I might take it again sometime, just because it’s an awesome feeling doing and completing it ❤ 

What about you, Lovies? Have you taken the challenge? Would you be interested in taking that journey? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section, I’d love to hear about your opinions! 

If you want to check out my full journey, head over to my Instagram page @SilviaMelange and enjoy! 

I hope this post stimulates and inspires you to seek happiness and positivity in everything around you ❤

Love, Silvia Mèlange 


*I do not seek any personal or material gain from this post. Simply want to spread the word 🙂

Source: http://www.100happydays.com


Flannels and pearls 

Hey, Lovies, Friday is almost here! 

As I mentioned earlier this week, my schedule is slowly getting back to normal, meaning I’ll be back to regular posting before you know it! 

I took some shots for you during my lunch break as it was a casual laid back day 🙂 

I’m wearing a Zara sweater on top of a basic flannel shirt from American Eagle, Versace denim (regular fit, dark wash), Guess riding boots and long faux pearl necklaces to complete the look. 

Hope everyone is having a great week and some plans for the weekend ;] 

Xo, Silvia Mèlange



Mushroom-cheese Risoni

TGIF, Lovies!!!

I was so busy this week; I had no time or energy to post anything! To make it up to you, I’ll share another favorite recipe. Risoni is rice shaped pasta, pairing amazing with all kinds of veggies and cheese! It’s quick and super easy. The risoni recipe I’m talking about tastes rich and could be used as a Valentine’s Day meal if you chose to spend it at home. I have noticed my nieces always ask for seconds, so it’s one of these Perfect-for-every-occasion-recipes 🙂


You will need:

A pack of risoni noodles

For the sauce:

400 g mushrooms

2 white onions (cut in cubes)

200 ml cooking cream

100 ml beer (light)

200 g smoked cheese

200 g shredded cheese (gouda, ny style cheddar)

2 garlic cloves (minced)

1 t.s. fresh rosemary, thyme, salt, pepper, v. oil

Freshly grinded parmesan to taste



How to make it:


Boil the risoni in salted water and a drop of virgin oil like you prepare all noodles.

The sauce:

In a sauce pan, heat up the oil, flavoring it with one of the garlic cloves and the fresh rosemary. Once your kitchen starts smelling amazing, remove the rosemary and add the mushrooms, onions and beer, sauté lightly, reducing to medium heat. Once the beer is mostly evaporated, add the cooking cream, smoked cheese and the rest of the spices, reducing the heat to low, stirring every 5 minutes or as needed. Once your mixture begins to blend and look creamy**, add the shredded cheese and continue stirring until it melts, fully blending it in.

By that time, your risoni should be ready as well. Drain them and rinse with cold water. Add the risoni to the cheesy mixture and stir until it’s blended. Serve with parmesan up to taste.

It pairs up great with green salads and dry white wines.

** If your cheese sauce is too thick, add 50 ml of milk or more as needed.


Cheers, Silvia Mèlange



January *instagram posts*

Hey Lovies! 

As some of you may know, last month I started this new ritual of catching you up on my month in Instagram spots. If you don’t follow me @SilviaMelange or you just don’t use Instagram, here’s your chance to catch up! 

January was a very busy month (you can tell by the amount I’ve posted) and it went by way too fast if you ask me! I worked a lot but also managed to travel a little, spent some quality time with my fur babies and did a little shopping. Most importantly- I managed to seek and find inspiration every-single-day! The highlights of my month were catching up with some old friends and getting a response from the one and only @upcloseandstylish ! I have to admit, just the fact that she acknowledged my excistance and was kind enough to take the time to reply to my question, made me feel a special kind of special 🙂

 I hope you guys enjoy and you all had a fabulous month as well 🙂

Xo, Silvia Mèlange