My top 5 restaurants to visit in Wiesbaden, Germany

If you follow my Instagram feed (@SilviaMelange), you know I recently visited Wiesbaden and Frankfurt am Main. It was my first time in Germany and being a vegetarian, I was slightly worried if I’m going to be able to experience the local cuisine. I’m ecstatic to share with you all that the land of the Wurst is very vegan/vegetarian friendly and considered. Every restaurant, even the street vendors have meat free options and they go way beyond your usual pasta-tomatoes-cheese and pizza or a sandwich with whatever veggies they currently have. The food is very diverse, you can find anything from Irish to Mexican and you know it’s authentic because the owners always come out and make sure you are having the best experience ever! So without further ado, here’s my top 5 restaurants to visit in Wiesbaden:


  1. Café De Columbia Wiesbaden

Whether it’s your first or 100-Th time eating Columbian food, you will fall in love with every item on the menu! Authentic Columbian food and hospitality! The staff, the atmosphere and the music will make you forget you are in Germany and you can’t go wrong with some fruit platters. I’m talking fruits you simply cannot find on the German market! How do they do it? – I guess you just have to visit and experience the magic of Columbia for yourself!


  1. Wiesbadener Weihnachtsmarkt- Christmas Market in Wiesbaden

You can’t go wrong with any stand! Try the Currywurst, Bratwurst/Rindswurst and don’t forget to add Pommes … There are vegetarian/vegan options to all the wursts as well! Don’t miss out on the Christmas cookies, Stollen bread and for God’s sake, eat a pretzel! Gluhwein is delicious on its own but here’s a little tip I learned from a local: order it with a shot! The cashier will look at you with a knowing, appreciative grin before asking “Rum or Brandy”. They serve it in ceramic mugs and kindly remind you, you get €2 back when you return the cup. Would you return it?!?


  1. Al Gusto – Italian restaurant

Very classy and clean place. As soon as you walk in, you feel like you are visiting Italy again! It has a high-end place vibe without the price tag. Owned by Italians, Al Gusto has a very small authentic menu with fresh imported ingredients. I highly suggest you follow the waiter’s tips on what to order when it comes to pairing your meal with delicious Italian wine. Multo Bene!


  1. Indian Palace Restaurant

Privately owned and operated by a New Delhi native. Genuine atmosphere and food at a reasonable price. The yellow lentil soup became my new addiction and I’m still going through withdraws as I’m typing this! Hands down, the best Indian food restaurant in Wiesbaden and Frankfurt.


  1. Frankfurter Hof- German restaurant

The place that’s ALWAYS full! Seriously, make sure you make a reservation a week or two prior because as soon as 5 p.m. hits, there’s a line out the door! The whole place is designed to look like 1800’s traditional Bavarian house, just the right combination of wood and stone. Make sure you order the “Frankfurter Grüne Soße mit Ei” (Frankfurter green sauce with egg), otherwise it’s like you never visited the area! Great German wine selection, very decent prices and a place that makes you feel at home as soon as you sit down!



Guten Appo, Silvia Mélange