Salmon pizza

Greeting Lovies! 
It’s been a minute since I shared recipes with you and I’m glad to say- I’m back for good! Not posting doesn’t mean I didn’t cook and experiment with many different cuisines over the last few months. 

Today I’ll be sharing my favorite new recipe with you and yes, it’s quick and easy! However, it will impress anyone you serve it to. My personal theory is it has the WOW factor because it’s inspired by the French cuisine! 

Without further ado, here’s the Salmon pizza! 

Whole grain pizza dough 
300 g/ 10 ounces smoked salmon (precut in thin slices) 
300 g/ 10 ounces ricotta cheese 
100 ml light cooking cream 
2-4 garlic cloves (minced and up to taste)
bunch of fresh dill (cut up) 
2 tea spoons virgin oil 


Sprinkle a little white flour on your work station and some virgin oil on the rolling pin. Roll out the dough and try not to poke holes in it. Don’t be tempted to roll it too thin for that same reason (holes). 
In a medium bowl, mix all the other ingredients except for the salmon. Let it settle for a minute. Spread the mixture evenly on top of the rolled dough. Place the salmon slices evenly on top of the mixture. 

Here’s the tricky part: 
Oil your hands a bit and gently roll the dough like a burrito. Cut carefully in the middle. “Braid” both parts in a zigzag fashion. 

Bake on 150°C/300°F for about 20-30 minutes. 

Serve with the remaining sauce as dip. 
A few tips: 

-sprinkle a bit of v.oil on top to avoid burns on the exposed salmon

-if you are not sure the dough is fully cooked, poke a hole in the middle of it with a tooth pick. If there are small pieces stuck to it, we are not done yet. 

-Silvia Mèlange 

Guacamole fresco

Hey folks! It’s time for our weekly recipe sharing! I’ve been craving authentic Mexican food lately and some of the ingredients are really hard to find in my country! Today I’ll reveal one of the my dearest recipes- Guacamole fresco (fresh guacamole). I hold this one so close to my heart as guacamole was the first Mexican dish I ever tasted but also, because I was taught how to make it by una mujer Mexicana! Guacamole can be creamy or chunky, depending on your preference; served as a side, add on, dip or an appetizer! It’s quite healthy when consumed in moderation as avocados are known for being rich in good fats 🙂

Jacqueline Martinez, this one is in  your honor!


You will need:


2 avocados (ripped)

2 roma tomatoes (peeled, cut in cubes)

1/2 cup diced onion

1 lime  (juiced)

3 teaspoons fresh cilantro (finely chopped)

1-2 teaspoons garlic (minced)

1-2 teaspoon(s) jalapeño peppers (optional but the authentic one requires it)

2 teaspoons crushed, dried crickets (yes, you read that right, yes, that’s how they eat it in Mexico and no, that’s not how I made it)


How to make it:


Just mix and mash everything together util blended. If you like it creamy, throw it all in the blender on the lowest setting for about 30 seconds. It’s best served right after you make it but if covered and stored in the fridge, it’s still awesome the next day! Do not consume if the avocado gets a dark hue or you will be riding the white horse!!!!

I did some research online and a lot of the recipes mention cucumbers, cayenne pepper or even cherry tomatoes- nope, don’t even consider it if you want to get the real taste of Mexico!

Let me know in the comment how you like it, how you make it or what’s your favorite kind.


¡ Salud!

-Silvia Mélange



Whole grain veggie spaghetti *Quick and Simple*

Hey guys! I haven’t shared a recipe in quite sometime and it’s a shame because I have so many! I realized  lately I don’t even have  20 free minutes to read my favorite bloggers, yet alone publish a quality post for all of you! Speaking of time lacking, I decided to share a simple homemade meal, perfect for weekdays and next day office lunches ;]

You will need:

A pack of whole grain Italian spaghetti (half feeds 2 people)

4 peeled tomatoes cut in cubes

2-3 garlic cloves (minced)

200 g. mushrooms

2-3 white onions (cut in cubes)

1/2 freshly squeezed lemon juice and 1/2 oj

Fresh Parmesan cheese (to taste)

2 tea s. virgin olive oil

1 tea s. Himalyan salt, dry oregano, basil and a pinch of black pepper


Boil the noodles in regular matter. Add all the other ingredients (cut up) in a fry pan and sauté on medium heat. Warning: your kitchen will start smelling amazing!

Drain your spaghetti, mix well with the veggies and top with the fresh Parmesan cheese to taste!

Xo, Silvia Mèlange

Привет, приятели! Срамота е, че не съм поствала рецепти от доста време при положение, че имам толкова много! Осъзнавам, че напоследък нямам време дори да следя любимите си блогъри, камо ли да публикувам качествен пост за всички вас!

Споменавайки постоянното гонене на часовника, споделям лесна и здравословна рецепта, перфектна за приготвяне през седмицата и за обяд в офиса на следващия ден.


Пакет пълнозърнести италиански спагети (половин е достатъчен за 2 души)

3-4 обелени домата (на кубчета)

2-3 глави бял или стар лук

200 грама гъби

Прясно сирене пармезан

2-3 скилидки чесън (ситно накълцан)

Пресен сок от половин лимон и половин портокал (смесени)

1 ч.л. зехтин

1ч.л. сол, черен пипер, сух босилек и риган

Как го приготвям:

Спагетите се кипват по традиционен метод.

Всички останали продукти (освен пармезана) се смесват в тефлонов тиган на средна степен, с периодично разбъркване. Кухнята започва да ухае страхотно!

Когато всичко е готово, изцеждате спагетите, смесвате със зеленчуците и поръсвате с пармезана според лични предпочитания.

С обич, Силвия Меланж

Red Pepper Salad / Side Dish

I  decided to start my little online cooking adventure with something simple and traditional for my country. Almost everything I cook has a little healthy twist to it! This is not the authentic Bulgarian salad but it’s heavily influenced by it.

You will need:

5-6 large red peppers

2 garlic cloves (finely chopped)

½ freshly squeezed lemon juice

1-2 table spoons virgin oil

1 tea spoon Himalayan salt

Bunch of finely chopped fresh parsley

How I   make it:

Wash the peppers and grill them only brushing the grill with some virgin oil and yes, a Forman grill would work too.

While you wait on the peppers to cool off, mix all the other ingredients (except parsley) together and let the mixture settle down. Clean and peal and the peppers, cut them up in slices and add them to the mixture and keep stirring until it all blends together. Sprinkle the parsley on top right before serving.

It’s a very simple and delicious dish that’s pretty much available all year round! Low calories and loaded with vitamins, it’s totally worth trying it out! In the summer I like to serve it as a salad and I keep it covered in the fridge for 2-3 hours before consuming. In the winter I usually serve it while it’s warm or room temperature.

I  always recommend buying organic and locally grown products when available!

Love your body! Xo, Silvia Melange


Салата от червени чушки

Реших да започна моято онлайн готварско приключение с нещо лесно и традиционно в българската кухня.Почти всичко което сервирам има здравословна  чупка. Ястието и не е автентичната българска рецепта, но е силно вдъхновенo от нея!


5-6 големи червени чушки

2-3 скилидки чесън (ситно настърган)

Сока на половин лимон

1 с.л. зехтин

1 ч.л. хималайска сол

Шепа ситно нарязан пресен магданоз

Как го приготвям:

Измивам и пека чушките като намазвам само грила със зехтин. Докато чушките изстиват, смесвам всички други съставки (освен магданоза) и ги оставям на страна. Изчиствам, режа и беля чушките. Накълцвам ги на “лентички” и ги смесвам с всичко друго. Поръсвам салатата обилно с магданоз непосредствено преди сервиране.

Това е много лесна и вкусна рецепта, която може да бъде приготвена целогодишно. С минимални калории и пълна с витамини, заслужава си да се опита! През лятото, я сервирам като салата и я покривам в хладилника покрита за 2-3 часа преди консумация. През зимата обикновено е като гарнитура топла или със стайна температура. Винаги препоръчвам органични продукти, когато са на разположение!

Обичай тялото си!