Bacon cheeseburger *quick and easy* 

Happy Sunday, Lovies! 
Today is my cheat day so I’m going to use the opportunity to share my favorite cheeseburger recipe! It’s not your traditional cheeseburger so pay attention to the instructions. 
1lbs ground beef (or a 60-40% mix) 

1 egg 

2 tea spoons: salt, black and red pepper, garlic powder and v.oil

200 g Camembert cheese 

1 tomato (sliced) 

Smoked Danish style onion up to taste

Bacon packet 

Fresh lettuce 

French fries (frozen or homemade) 
In a large bowl, add the meat, egg and all the spices together and mix well. 

Form “chunky” burger patties: 

Now the tricky part: 

Remove a little bit of meat from the top of the patty and place a chunky slice of Camembert cheese. Be sure the patty remains whole on the bottom (otherwise your cheesy goodness will leak out during cooking)! 

Form your patty again, adding the extra meat we removed earlier:

I’m not going to waste time, explaining how to prepare bacon, so we are skipping this step. I like using the grease from it to prepare the patties tho! 

In a medium sized fry pan, place the patties and set to medium heat. Flip them every 3-5 minutes until the sides are fully cooked:

I personally like to arrange my burgers in the following way: lettuce, tomato slice, meat patty, bacon, topped off with Danish style onion. Best burger buns?- toasted whole grain! 

You can use the same recipe without egg or grill instead of frying the patties. It’s a different style burger that’s not hard to make as you can see. Every bite melts in your mouth and the flavors blend in perfectly! 

 I guarantee you will be the talk of every cookout this summer! 

With Love, Silvia Mèlange