Pico de gallo

Happy Monday, lovies! Christmas may be over but we still have New Year’s parties and relatives stopping by all the time! Here’s a simple authentic Pico de Gallo recipe anyone can make! It’s super easy to make and can be used as a dip or a side. The ingredients below are meant to be enough for the whole family!
You will need:

3-4 medium sized tomatoes (peeled, cut in cubes)
2 med. white onions (cut in cubes)

1 lime (freshly squeezed juice)

1/2 or 1 jalepeño pepper (seeded+chopped)

3-4 garlic cloves (minced)

 1 tea spoon salt and pepper
Bunch of fresh parsley (cut up)

How to make it: 

Mix all the ingredients together and stir. Let it settle (covered) for minimum 3 hours (overnight works best) in the fridge. Serve as dipping sauce or a side to fajitas, tacos, or over rice with cut up avocado. 

Love, Silvia Mèlange


10 restaurants to visit in NYC

  1. Pongsri Thai Restaurant

Delicious food at some of the cheapest prices in Manhattan!  The staff is quick and very helpful. All the soups are amazing and served at the right temperature and I fell in love with the pad Thai. It’s one of the spots I visit every time I’m in the City.


  1. Mehanata- The Bulgarian Bar

Of course I found the hottest place in lower Manhattan  ;] The place to be for all Eastern-Europeans, Russians and curious Americans. They serve authentic Bulgarian food, imported beers and other goodies. Fridays and Saturdays after 11pm the place turns into a club with lots of alcohol and dancing! If you are lucky and the ice bar is open so you will get the chance to drink a shot of real vodka while dressed in a Russian coat, surrounded by ice.


  1. Angelo’s pizza Little Italy

Mind blowing coal-fire pizzas! They come out so quick; it’s the perfect place for a pit-stop if you simply can’t wait to explore more. The salads are always fresh and the wine list is consistent mainly of imports. It’s affordable, with cozy family atmosphere and decent prices.


  1. Karizma lounge

I always explore hookah bars and restaurants when I visit different cities. I loved the oriental atmosphere and the hookahs were delicious! They serve traditional middle-eastern dishes and Turkish coffee. The staff is great and the prices are reasonable.


  1. El Toro Blanco- Mexican (West village)

Authentic Mexican dishes cooked to gourmet level! Add a long list of imported tequilas and mixed drinks and I’m sold! Their fresh guacamole and the tacos Al Pastor  were magical and I hope I discover their recipe one day! They have a salsa bar that has a wide variety of dips all of which are worth trying. The service was great and I will definitely visit again!


  1. Candle 79 Vegan-Vegetarian

Melt-in-your-mouth-amazing vegan and vegetarian dishes. Fresh organic produce and great service make this little spot one of my favorites! Stylish atmosphere and affordable prices be sure to check it out! It’s a refreshing restaurant in the land of fried chicken or beef on the go.


  1. Emmett O’Lunney’s -Irish Pub

With so many awesome pubs around NYC, it’s really hard to decide which one is the best.  That’s until you discover O’Lunney’s! Upscale yet authentic Irish Pub! The service is great, the bartenders are some of the best I’ve ever seen and the food is to-die -for mix between American and Irish dishes. They have live bands on Fridays and it’s perfect for late night or in the middle of the night dinners and fun nights with friends.


  1. Hard Rock Café Times Square, NYC

It’s a ritual of mine to visit Hard Rock in every city I visit that has one! Another ritual is to have brunch in the New York one every time I visit. The drinks and service are on point and the food is in a way typical American. It’s the displays that I’m never tired of seeing. The Beatles suits, guitars and posters alongside Elvis Presley and many other music legends. It’s one of these things you have to experience for yourself.


  1. Maze by Gordon Ramsey

I made a reservation two weeks in advance, guys! I’m a huge fan of Gordon Ramsey and I was ecstatic to go! I can describe my experience with two words: Pure Perfection. It’s a very classy place with small sophisticated portions of heavenly food. I can’t say it’s pricey because this is Gordon Ramsey in New York City after all. Just check out the menu and decide for yourself before you reserve a table.


1.The Russian Tea Room

The décor of this place!!!!!  Very 1920’s Russia style which is the first reason I fell in love with it! Make sure you make a reservation (weeks in advance is a good idea) and dress up; you never know when you might run into Serena van der Woodsen! The Red Borscht soup is a must, especially if you are visiting in the winter. I also tried the black Bass entree and the Kulebiaka dish. For desert I’d recommend the Czar’s gold and caviar parfait. I think my third tradition while in NYC will be visiting this place!



I’m sure there’s plenty I missed but I’ll be visiting the Big Apple again soon so feel free to let me know in the comments what places would you recommend!

Xo, Silvia Mélange

Christmas in NYC

If I had to choose one city to spend every Christmas for the rest of my life, it’s without a doubt New York City! It’s a great place to visit all year around but something changes right after Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. Even if you are the Grinch himself, it’s impossible not to get into the Christmas spirit! Picola Italia looks like a Christmas card with displays of the Holy family and every place is decorated better than the previous one. Try some authentic Panettone paired up with delicious imported red wine or sit down and have some real pizza while listening to Christmas canzoni, often performed by the staff and owners.

The New York Public Library

 Central Park entrance
Proceed pass the crowds on 42-nd street and head down to my other favorite place- Central Park. The $80 horse carriage ride is actually worth it, especially after dark when all the lights come on. Sipping on rum and tea while the snow is falling will make you understand what Alicia Keys means by “These lights will inspire you”. I love taking walks around the Upper East Side, swinging by Bloomingdale’s and enjoying what I call “the urban runway”  there is so much high-fashion on the streets of the city! You simply must go ice-skating in front of the Rockefeller Center!  If it’s your first time visiting, you should visit the Empire State Building observation tower but be sure to buy your tickets in advance.

I have visited most of NYC’s land marks one time or another. My favorite thing still remains getting lost within the city; pick a random street, follow it for a while, take a turn if you’d like and just enjoy the walk. I have two routines whenever I visit the City: always eat a breakfast bagel from a different place and a brunch in Hard Rock Café on Times Square.

The last one being one of the few spots in the world where shopping crowds excite me for some odd reason, I’d say that is the pure magic of NYC. Below are some personal pics from my trip for Christmas 2012. I decided to do this flashback as a Christmas gift to my readers who only follow my traveling entries. As I have mentioned in the past, the point of my blog is to share my experiences with all of you, past and present ones.


Happy Holidays, Silvia Mèlange



Jazzed up Christmas songs on the subway


Hard Rock Café


Christmas Day look

Merry Christmas, Lovies! I know I’m technically late but I think everyone understands and prefers to spend time with their family and loved ones! Here’s a few shots from Christmas Day! I’m wearing a Sisley knit dress, H&M butterfly belt, basic black leggings, Nine West riding boots from the Vintage America Collection and my Guess confidential bag. I’m also experimenting with berry lips from Mac I got as a Christmas gift 🙂

Xoxo, Silvia Mèlange




My 2015 in nails

Hey guys! My Christmas gift to you all is here 🙂 Welcome to the Beauty category! Here we’ll be exchanging all kinds of beauty secrets and tips; hair and body masks, make-up and hairstyles, and much more! 

Let’s talk about nails! I’m a huge fan of gel polishes. The right design looks gorgeous and they are super easy to maintain, one manicure lasts up to 3 weeks! Here’s a look back at my favorite manicures from this past year! 



Quatro Formaggi Lasagna

Happy Christmas Eve Day!

I Came up with a 4 cheese lasagna recipe and nailed it! Preparation is about 20 minutes and cooking up to an hour.
You will need:
300g lasagna noodles
200g spinach (frozen, canned)
200 ml cooking cream
150g smoked cheese
150g blue cheese
150g fresh mozzarella (shredded)
200g shredded cheddar (mild fits better but any kind will do really)
2 eggs (beaten in a separate bowl)
Dried oregano and basil
4-5 finely chopped garlic cloves(could be less I always put a LOT an you can use garlic powder)
2 med size onions (yellow) and 150g of fresh mushrooms (both sliced thin)
2t.s virgin oil (any oil)

How to make it:

Check your noodles bc some brands want you to precook them a bit!
Sauté lightly the mushrooms and onions (5minutes on medium heat, remember you don’t need them fully cooked).
Meanwhile in a sauce pan put the cooking cream, blue, smoked cheese on low-led heat. Stir often until it becomes thick and creamy and all the cheese is melted, about 10 min. Then add the spinach and cook for another 5 min occasionally stirring.
Mix the cheddar with garlic and the eggs then set a side.
Put a thin layer of the sauce and then lasagna noodles.
The way I did the layers: lasagna noodles- cheese/spinach sauce- onions and mushrooms, sprinkle mozzarella, some oregano an basil, top with cheddar and egg mixture (not too thick). Continue until you run out of mixtures. Cover fully with aluminum foil and bake on 200C for 45 min to an hour. Sprinkle with Parmesan and enjoy!
It should be enough for 4 people.

A few tips:

When you put ingredients in layers- try to place them close to the center of each noodle. When you put a new layer, press gently with your hand so it spreads evenly on the bottom layer. That way it won’t leak everywhere when it starts cooking.
The top layer should be only cheddar and egg(no mess when you cut it)
Veggies are optional ( I tried it just with cheese and it’s awesome too)!
Also- if the spinach cheese sauce gets too think- add a table spoon of milk or 2 or 3 🙂


Xo, SIlvia Mélange



Bright lights, late nights


The other day I had to attend a Chritmas party right after work. I had no time to go home and change so in the morning, I had to chose wisely! Decided on a wool H&M cardigan, worn as a dress, styled up with a thin Zara belt in deep brown to add a more defined shape. Paired up with basic warm leggings and Nine West riding boots from the Vintage America collection. Comfy, warm and stylish- my three MUST’s for winter holiday parties! 
Cheers, Silvia Mèlange



Spinach-quinoa salad/side

Hello, my loves!  Today I’ll be sharing my favorite spinach-quinoa salad recipe. It’s light, healthy and delicious! Quinoa is an excellent source of fiber and protein and it will stuff you up! The baby spinach and lemon dressing are bonus vitamin C ! Тhis is another side/salad recipe that fits almost any dish you serve, not just during the holidays!


You will need:


3 cups baby spinach (roughly chopped)

2-3 roasted red peppers (cut up)

¼ cup quinoa (rinsed under running water)


For the lemon dressing:


1/2 freshly squeezed lemon juice

1/3 tea spoon lemon zest

1 minced garlic clove

1 tea spoon virgin oil

1/3 tea spoon sea salt

Pinch of black pepper




For the quinoa: In a small sauce pan, add the quinoa with 1/2 cup of water. Bring the mixture to boil, the simmer it until all the liquid evaporates about 15 minutes. Remove the pan from the heat and sprinkle a pinch of salt, fluffing the quinoa. Let it cool off for about 10 minutes. Use that time to mix all the ingredients for the lemon dressing together and set them aside. Place the baby spinach and roasted peppers with the quinoa in your salad bowl and add the dressing right before serving, thoroughly stirring and mixing all the ingredients evenly!

If you happen to save some for later, store the dressing separately.


With love, Silvia M Continue reading

Baked potatoes with herbs and spices

Hello, lovely readers! Today I’ll show you my favorite recipe for baked potatoes. Easy and delicious, the perfect side to your main course during the holidays.


You will need:

1 kg fresh potatoes (cut in cubes)

5 garlic cloves (minced)

Bunch of fresh dill (cut up)

3 tea s. olive oil

20 ml water

1 tea s. (each) sea salt, black pepper, dried thyme, rosemary


How to make it:


Grease up a flat baking pan and add the potatoes, water, sprinkling the spices (except the dill) evenly and add 4 of the minced garlic cloves. Bake on 200 C in a preheated oven for about 40 minutes, taking the pan out every 10 minutes and carefully flipping the potatoes. When the potatoes turn golden brown take them out, drain them from any remaining grease by placing them on a baking paper sheet. Then place them in a mixing bowl and stir them up with the remaining garlic cloves and adding all the cut up dill. You are ready to serve 🙂

This simple side dish fits well with all kinds of meats and fish and its tasty enough to be served on its own. Enjoy!

Xo, Silvia Mèlange



Здравейте, скъпи читатели! Днес ще ви представя моята любима рецепта запечени каррофки. Лесна и вкусна, перфектна гарнитура към всякакви видове меса и риби по празниците.

Нужни продукти:
1 кг пресни картофи (на кубчета)
5 скилидки чесън (ситно накълцан)
Връзка пресен копър (ситно нарязан)
3 ч.л. зехтин

20 мл вода

1 ч.л. (от всяка подправка) морска сол, черен пипер, мащерка и розмарин
Как да го приготвим:
Намъзнете тава със зехтина и добавете картофите, водата и поръсете равномерно 4 от накълцаните скилидки чесън и подправките (с изключение на копъра). Пекат се в предварително загрята фурна на 200 С като на 10-15 минути се обръщат внимателно. Когато картофките станат златисти, извадете ги от фурната и изцедете от излишна мазнина, поставяйки ги върху хартия за печене. После ги поръсете с останалата скилидка чесън и всичкия копър и сте готови за сервиране!
С обич, Силвия Меланж


Vegan Christmas cookies *quick and simple*

Hey guys! Yesterday I promised you Christmas week will be full of recipes and ideas for the holiday festivities! I’m starting off by sharing my favorite vegan recipe for Chrismas cookies. Healthy and delicious, it takes 15 minutes to prepare and serve. It’s easy and if you follow my directions strictly, your cookies will come out perfect! 
You will need: 

80 ml water (temperature doesn’t matter)

20 ml freshly squeezed o.j.

2 ripped bananas 

40 g. chia seeds

70 g. coconut shavings 

1 tea spoon grinded orange peels

3 tea spoons organic cocoa/ powdered (optional) 
How to make it: 

Add the bananas, oj and the water (cocoa powder as well if you are adding it) and blend them on low for a minute or so. Pour the liquid in a mixing bowl and add the orange peels and chia seeds, stirring until they blend well. Let the seeds expand for a minute or two. By now your mixture should have a paste like consistency. Start adding the coconut shavings and as you keep stirring, you will notice the mixture thickening. Once it’s all blended, start forming little balls with your hands. You can serve them raw but I personally prefer to throw the cookies in a preheated oven on 80° C for about 10 minutes. No oil or any kind of grease needed, as it would only ruin the taste. The cookies melt in your mouth and people won’t know they are vegan with no sugar or flour;] 

Now you can enjoy Christmas cookies without questionable ingredients and unnecessary calories!

Sweet holidays, Silvia Mèlange


Привет, приятели! Вчера ви обещах, че първата ни коледната седмица ще е посветена на рецепти и идеи за коледната и новогодишна трапеза. Започвам с любимата ми вигън (веган просто ми звучи грубо и грешно) рецепта за коледни сладки. Умишлено избирам лесна и бърза рецепта и ако спазвате инструкциите ми стриктно, сладките ще се получат перфектно! Цялата рецепта от приготвяне до сервиране отнема 15 минути!

Необходими продукти: 

80 мл вода (температурата няма значение)

2 зрели банана

20 мл прясно изцеден портокалов сок

40 гр чия семена

70 гр кокосови стърготини 

1 ч.л. настъргани портокалови кори

3 ч.л. какао на пудра (по желание)
Начин на приготвяне:

Прибавете бананите, водата, портокаловият сок (какаото), в блендера на ниска степен за около минута- две. Изсипете сместа в купа и добавете портокаловите кори и чия-та и изчакайте минутка докато семената набъбнат. На този етап вашата смес трябва да прилича на леко течен крем. Сега добавяме кокосовите стърготини. Разбърквайки, ще забележите, че сместта става все по-гъста. Продължавайте да бъркате докато се смеси еднородно и след това оформяте топчета с ръце. Може да сервирате сладките сурови, но аз предпочитам да ги запека в предварително загрята фурна на 80° С за 10-тина минути. Не добавяйте мазнина!

Топят се в устата и гостите не биха ви повярвали, че са вигън и не съдържат никаква захар или брашно. Удоволствието на коледните сладки без вредни, изкуствени добавки и допълнителни калории!

Сладки празници, Силвия Меланж